Support Upstate Backpack Blessings


We believe that God will provide the funds needed, the food needed, the workers needed, the facility needed, the time needed, and the energy needed to feed the children. 

Give Money

We know there are hungry children in our local schools and we have an opportunity to help them with the support of others who give financially. Would you be willing to support a child for a month? A semester? A school year? 

Could you or your organization adopt a local school for a semester? A school year?

Host a Food Drive

In your neighborhood, at your church, at your school, at work or with your sports team. If you’d like to hold a food drive for UBB, we ask that you select 1-2 items from our food list to collect. We bag 500 of each item each week! By choosing only a few items, you will collect enough of each item for at least 1 week of distribution. 

Give Food

We do not want any child to be hungry or go without meals. This requires your help to get enough food items to feed the children. Here are the items we fill the bags with: a can of pasta (Spaghetti O’s), a package of Ramen, a can of vienna sausages, a packet of instant mac n cheese, an envelope of oatmeal, an envelope of grits, and poptarts or a small box of cereal, a breakfast bar, a cup of applesauce, a cup of fruit, a 6 pack of peanut butter crackers, a small pack of fruit chews, an envelope of microwave popcorn, and a snack of either goldfish, Chex Mix or trail mix.

Give Prayers

We believe that God has brought each of us to this mission at this time in our lives. We know that we need His wisdom and guidance for every decision we make for these children. We must also be good stewards of the gifts that He continues to provide – yes, monetarily, but also our skill sets and personal energy. Everything we do must be done in love which we do not have in ourselves. We need God to provide that overflowing, unselfish love for others.

Give Time

God has blessed us with a dedicated group of volunteers who pack bags, pick up the weekly food order, restock shelves and deliver the food bags to schools each week of the school year. Currently we have 2 full crews of packers, 1 full crew of restockers and drivers for each of our schools. There are 2 spaces for food pick up drivers and 2 spaces for bi-monthly restockers. Click the Learn More button to find out what these positions require or Contact Us to be put on a stand-by list for being a bag packer or driver.

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