Our Team


Henry B. Pickard


Henry is a retired Navy Chief (24 years), a Defense Contractor in Northern Virginia (10 Years) and a Trades Recruiter in the Upstate (5 Years). He is a husband, father, and a dog dad. He attends Harvest Anglican Church with his wife Deborah. He is originally from Oklahoma and has lived in the Upstate since 2011. 

Deborah Pickard

Inventory Manager

Deborah worked with students in various private schools in the Upstate for 20 years as an art teacher. She is now a freelance artist in various methods including murals, cloth design and commissions, all the while being a mother of 2 + 2 adult children, and her Irish terrier Maggie. She attends Harvest Anglican Church with her husband Henry. She is a native of Greenville, SC.

John Spears

Driver Coordinator

John is a Retired Director of Sales for a Food Packaging Company. He is an avid traveler and cross-country camper. John has many pursuits including pickleball, reading and the theater. He attends Fellowship Greenville with his wife Pat. John is originally from suburban Detroit, Michigan. He has lived in the Upstate since 1995.

The Hands & Feet Who Do This Mission

Bagger Team

Lynn C
Edwin T
Nancy T
Robin S
Carol T
Beth R
Mandy P
Becky G
Becky G
Margaret T
Terry T
Jane V
Valarie C
Dean C
Linda E
Margaret A
Donna A
Andy A
Lok-Yi M

Inventory & Restock Team

Deborah P
Jane W
Glen S
Gail N
Kim D

Driver Team

John S
Anna S
Lok-yi Y/Donna A
Christy S
Amber L
Lynn C
Art H
Glen S
Pam W

Prayer Team

Amber L
Mary Ann K
Opal H

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