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Our Story

We have been a faith-based, volunteer-driven, donation-dependent, completely charitable organization since 2010 in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

Upstate Backpack Blessings is Driven by these Core Values


In this mission we are bound together in faith.


We must exercise great care with everything we are given for the children, for it is a gift to us.


Caring deeply for others, speaking for those who may not have a voice. This mission serves children.


We must give of ourselves with no expectation of receiving.


Prayer is a vital part of every event at our facility as well as our top priority for our mission. Anyone may pray for us; we ask for and truly want prayers on our behalf.

“Nothing is too small to be done for another”

Our Process

Our Mission is to provide supplemental food bags for “at-risk” school children. How does it work? We are in contact with or contacted by each of the schools we serve. This could be front desk personnel, school counselors, or teachers. They provide us with the number of children to be served on a regular basis. The food items are ordered based on these numbers. The bags are packed and prepared for the drivers who then deliver them to the schools. We never contact the children, only school faculty members know who these children are and they distribute the bags to the children.

Upstate Backpack Blessings is NOT a food bank, nor do we operate as one.
The food is ordered, staged, and used in one-week increments.
Any food we receive comes in and goes out in a very short amount of time.
We do NOT store or hold foods for long periods.

Serving Upstate Schools

We know there are hungry children in our local schools, and we have an opportunity to feed them with the help of others who give financially, who give food to fill the bags, and who support us by praying for us and encouraging us.

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